LEROS:  One love in the Aegean Sea



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 Ayia Marina and Castle 

The sea has sculptured her quiet shores with exceptional grace and has presented her with a dentelated coastline, lovely beaches and ports sheltered from the wind. Nature has endowed her with greenery and a pleasant variety of landscapes. History has left indelible traces on her beautiful bays and colourful valleys. The people that have lived on her, since age-long years, have built on her castles, chapels, homes and mansions.


Leros! A beautiful island in the north of the Dodecanese, between Patmos and Kalymnos. Its size is 53 sq. km, its coastline 71 km and its population 8,500. Today, Leros stands out as a paradise for the visitor who looks for rare and pure natural beauties.


For more information on the history and sights of the island, you may visit www.leros.org (Greek, English, Italian, German) and www.leros.fws1.com (English)