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"Nikolaideio Parthenagogeio"  (est. 1890)


"Malachieio Nipiagogeio  (est. 1912)

The Primary School of Agia Marina, Leros, was created in 1970 through the integration of the two historical Schools of the island, “Nikolaidion” and “Malachiion”. This explains why it is housed in two school buildings.

The school has one hundred and sixty-five students  and sixteen teachers.

There are165 students and 14 teachers.

It includes a special class for children with learning difficulties and  two day school classes for children who stay after the morning working-hours.



There are twelve (12) classrooms in the two buildings.

In the “Malachiion” there are two rooms used for various purposes.

The first is a computer lab, and a projection room, whose tape library consists of 100 tapes with about 500 subjects. In this room there is also a loft which houses the Library consisting of approximately 2500 books and Encyclopedias and numerous magazines.

The second room is used as a science lab, a store-room for educational equipment and photocopy machines.

In this building there is also a  classroom for the children with learning difficulties and the Headmaster’s office.


The “Nikolaidion” has got a very large school yard with a basketball court, a playground and an open-air chessboard.



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